Gallery of Bowls
It took a while to figure out how to do it but much of the satisfaction making small bowls is that like sketching, they can be complete (bar glazing) in one go.
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Gallery of Pots
Throwing with fitted additions never suited but added on, let free, produces a dynamic to shapes and just feels right.
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Gallery of Plates
The itch to draw into slabs of clay and move the surface about, but keeping the energy of a thrown piece just plain ends dinner service commissions!
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Gallery of Bodyforms
Body Forms
The relationship of pot to body shape is obvious, but exploring clay as material has more possibilities building by hand, as you then begin to see more abstractions and references to bodies rather than pots.
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Gallery of Shards
When you break up so many pots the pieces eventually demand you look at them together in new ways.
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Gallery of Latest Work
Work from the latest firings
This gallery shows work taken from the latest firings at our kiln in Geuffordd, always an exciting moment.
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